Instagram TV is a short form of IGTV which allows users to upload quality long-form vertical videos. It allows users to create channels and upload videos between 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Additionally, larger accounts can upload videos up to 60 minutes long. Every social media platform is all about engaging content, and it is also worth it for IGTV. So create compelling content to reach more audiences and get more likes and views for your videos. 

In a fast-moving world, no one has time to wait for increasing video views organically. For saving your precious time, you can buy Instagram TV views to boost your video count. Buying IGTV views will increase your content reach to a wider audience. 

Why Should You Use Instagram TV? 

Video content is more and more important to small businesses and marketers. According to the research, the average person is watching videos for more than 1 hour per day. Additionally, 78% of marketers and brands say video content helps them gain a good ROI. Videos are an effective way to tell a story and boost connection with your audience. 85% of people say they like to watch videos from brands and businesses.

Create An IGTV Channel 

It’s time to create an IGTV channel you haven’t created yet. Use the below steps to create a channel for your business. 

Step 1: click the “Browse” button on Instagram. 

Step 2: There, you can find the IGTV option below the search bar.

Step 3: click IGTV to create a channel.

Step 4: with few clicks, you can set up your IGTV channel

Importantly your current Instagram followers will have access to your IGTV videos. 

How To upload IGTV Videos

  • Your videos must be one minute long on IGTV.
  • You can upload 15 minutes videos using your mobile phones
  • Use desktop to post 60 minutes videos
  • Upload vertical videos with a ratio of 9:16 to give a better look.

How To Use IGTV For Your Business

Before creating content, you should think about which type of content is helpful for your business. Like any other social media platform, creating quality content helps you to succeed on the platform. 

1. Create Educational Videos

Tutorial videos are perfect for long-form video content. To build a strong Instagram community, you need to attract your audience. Share educational videos to your followers and teach them about your brands and business. Using tutorial videos, you can show how to style, wear and use your products. On Instagram, educational videos get higher engagement rates. 

Apart from IGTV, you can use the reels platform for creating your videos. Instagram reels are the latest feature and everyone can make video content. If you want a high number of views, use to buy Instagram Reels Views for your videos. 

2. Behind The Scenes

Take your audience behind the screen of your industry to improve your business. Showing behind-the-scenes videos will make your audience very excited about your brand and business. Shoot a long video in your industry and upload it to your IGTV to get more likes and views for your channel. Frequently sharing behind the scenes makes your audience curious about your brand, and they will convert into your customers. 

3. Promote Your Product

Promoting your products on Instagram will increase your brand personality and awareness on the platform. Share videos of the benefits of using your products to your audience. It makes them believe in your brand, and also, they can buy your product. Share some quick tips and hacks to use your product and will give a better understanding for your audience. 

4. Create A Series

Posting series is one of the most popular trends on IGTV. Create a series of videos for your business or a specific category. Upload a series video one by one, and each video is mentioned by numbers to recognize which are the next videos. It is one of the best ways to engage your followers and grow a new audience to your account. Use these above tips to create an IGTV channel and upload quality videos to grow your business.

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