Everything You Need To Know About TikTok Creator Fund

Brands are adapting their advertising strategies to focus on success through high-quality content creation in light of the changing Creator ecosystem. Social media marketing strategies should be entertainment-based, and content creators should be at the centre of that strategy. Makers can now make a living off of their entertainment, making it more crucial than ever to collaborate with them on content.

We’ve compiled this detailed explanation of the TikTok Creator Fund to help you learn more about creator marketing and, more specifically, how creators can earn money from their work. Read our primer on creator marketing and the rise of influencers to find out why you should be forming partnerships with creators.

What exactly is the TikTok Creator Fund?

There are many ways for TikTok creators to make money off of their videos, and many of them do so because they have turned entertainment into a full-time profession. The TikTok Creator Fund is one such direct-from-the-source revenue stream.

TikTok has a special account set aside to compensate creators for their hard work in the form of views and engagement: the Creator Fund. Once a Creator is verified, their balance in the Creator Fund will begin to grow each month, and they will be able to withdraw their funds to Paypal or Zelle once their balance reaches a minimum of $10.

When it comes to making money on TikTok, creators who get a lot of views and comments need the help that the Creator Fund provides. However, most of the most popular TikTokers don’t rely solely on the fund; instead, they have multiple revenue streams, with brands playing an increasingly important role.

Just how does one go about accessing the TikTok Creator Fund?

While the creator fund’s precise operation is unclear, a few things are worth keeping in mind. TikTok users who participate in the fund receive monthly compensation based on the following three criteria:

User Retention Rate measures how interested your content keeps your audience.

The monthly total of all the times your videos have been viewed.

Quantity and Authenticity of Views: How many real people are watching your videos.

This means that TikTok wants to give back to the creators of videos that actual users enjoy watching. Payments are made once per month and are based on a person’s performance over the previous 30 days, measured in terms of things like page views and engagement. There is no maximum payout, but users of the TikTok Creator Fund will at least receive $10. Once the total is determined, the money will be moved from your TikTok account to your digital wallet.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for the TikTok Creator Fund

Initially, TikTok content creators will not be able to earn money from their work. In order to qualify, they must have amassed a sizable fan base and amass a specific number of video views within a given time frame. Details on how to apply for the TikTok Creator Fund are as follows.

  • Come from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy
  • belong to the 18-and-up age group
  • You need at least 10,000 fans.
  • Must have received at least 100,000 views in the previous 30 days
  • Be sure your account follows TikTok’s policies and guidelines.
  • Those who meet the aforementioned criteria can apply for the TikTok Creator Fund directly within the app by going to their account settings, tapping “Creator tools,” and finally tapping “TikTok Creator Fund.”

How Much Money Does TikTok Offer Its Creators?

How much money creators make on TikTok is a secret, and it fluctuates daily based on how much new content is uploaded.

A creator’s earnings potential is infinite.

Although some of TikTok’s biggest stars may be able to make a living solely off of the Creator Fund, for the vast majority of users, it serves as a welcome source of supplementary income. Consequently, there is still a significant interest in forming brand alliances.

How Beneficial Is TikTok’s Creator Fund?

I wish there was a simple yes or no answer to this, but unfortunately there isn’t. You probably won’t get rich here, so don’t expect that to be your goal. However, if you meet the criteria, trying out the Creator Fund is a very low-risk endeavour. It can be used in conjunction with your other TikTok monetization strategies for maximum results. Keep in mind that if you want to see results from the Creator Fund, you’ll need an arsenal of interesting, high-performing content to use.


How much do TikTok’s creators make per video?

To encourage and recognise exceptional content creation, TikTok has allocated at least $200 million to the Creator Fund.

How do I access my TikTok creator funds?

Apply for the TikTok Creator Fund by clicking “Creator tools,” followed by “TikTok Creator Fund,” in your account settings.

Is it still possible to monetize your TikTok channel outside of Creator Fund?

Yes. Without the creator fund, the most direct route to monetization on TikTok is through collaboration with other businesses. You should know that any money you make through partnerships has nothing to do with TikTok.

The Creators’ Fund: down on your views?

Some TikTok users falsely claim that the creator fund has negatively affected the number of views their videos receive. There is no correlation between the creator fund and account or video performance; any differences observed by users are more likely the result of random algorithmic changes within the app.