An Ultimate Guide To Repost On TikTok

The “Repost” button, TikTok’s take on the Twitter “retweet,” was one of several new features that the app began testing earlier this year. The huge promotional potential of this feature prompted both brands and creators to quickly investigate how to repost on TikTok and what it might add to their content strategies.

Brands and creators who want to stand out in the competitive world of social media marketing need this platform with all its UGC if they want to succeed.

In 2021, TikTok dominated as both the most popular download and website in the United States. The site’s billion-plus monthly users make it a great place for businesses to interact with consumers, create fan bases, spread their messages, and gain visibility.

Guidelines for Sharing Videos on TikTok

  • To re-upload a video, simply play it.
  • Select the arrow pointing to the right, which represents sharing.
  • Click the yellow “Repost” button, and then write a comment to go along with your repost.
  • Users who view your repost will also be able to see any comments you choose to add.
  • You can find the option to repost in the top left corner of the sharing menu. You can now leave a comment after reposting instead of just seeing “you reposted” next to your profile picture.

At two points:

Only videos from your For You feed or a profile can be reposted. Most videos you’ll find on the explore page won’t allow you to repost.
Videos you repost won’t show up in your TikTok profile, only in the home feeds of mutual friends.
To rephrase, the goal is to increase the discoverability of the videos that TikTok’s algorithm selects for you to watch. 

Benefits to Brands from Reposting User-Generated Content on TikTok

User-generated content (UGC) on TikTok implies social selling, which looks more natural than obviously sales-oriented, promo ads from brands, and thus evokes more trust from viewers. Consumers gain trust and confidence in a brand’s offerings and a desire to join the brand’s community when they are exposed to content created by real people with whom they can identify.
TikTok user-generated content (UGC) serves a dual purpose for businesses: it generates sales by stoking consumer interest and it raises brand visibility by providing social proof. Paid TikTok campaigns complement organic posts, especially when they incorporate user-generated content (UGC) or otherwise convey the genuineness of UGC.

Sharing Videos Created By TikTok Celebrities

The value of the content created by your brand’s influencers and ambassadors can be increased by resharing it across your marketing channels, not just on the app itself. Follow these guidelines to maximise the impact of influencer content:

To begin: 1. Identify TikTok channels with a specific niche audience

Primarily, it is necessary to identify influential people who can aid in the accomplishment of your business objectives. Do you seek to increase brand recognition via viral media? Improve customer retention by fostering deeper relationships with your current clientele. Motivate the influencer’s fan base to buy?

Smaller, more specific TikTok influencers whose beliefs and posts are in line with your brand and target audience may be worth partnering with, depending on your campaign goals.

Step 2: Add Influencers to Your Brand’s Social Media Account

After selecting influencers to follow on TikTok, you can begin doing so from your brand’s account. Follow them to view their posts, like them, and share your thoughts. Convey to them that you appreciate their work and that you might be interested in working together.

Curious, they’ll check out your TikTok page and, if they like what they see, they might follow you back, planting the seed for a future mutually beneficial business relationship. An influencer will be more likely to collaborate with brands that show genuine interest in their content and actively engage with them on and off the app.

3. Approach the TikTok Community and Seek Collaboration

Time to start working with your selected content creators on your marketing campaigns!

Find out how they prefer to conduct business communications by reviewing their profiles and contact information. Send an email or a direct message in the app to an influencer with a personalised message (DM). Examine this illustration:

Together with your content producers, you must develop a financial strategy.

Fourth, Share Videos from TikTok Stars

Now that you’ve begun working with TikTok creators, they’ll be making videos that talk about your company and the goods or services you offer. It’s high time you shared their content again, this time in your For You feeds, where your followers can see it.
Consider sharing TikTok influencers’ videos outside of the app to maximise the benefits of their content. Pixlee TurnTo enables brands to automatically collect, curate, and publish content from authenticated influencers on various channels, such as on-site galleries, whereas TikTok videos can be downloaded directly.

Adding a shopping feature to this content will lead site visitors down a social proof-supported path to purchase.

The fifth step is to solicit re-posts from influential people

If influential users follow your company on TikTok, they will be able to access your content and decide whether or not to repost it. In order to achieve the best results, you should set this up right away. When it comes to reposting and increasing brand awareness, user-generated content (UGC), influencer content, and brand content can all work together.
Brands and users alike can benefit from forming partnerships with popular creators on TikTok. Thirty-five percent of TikTok users learn about new brands and products from creators, and 65 percent of users like it when creators post about brands and products.

Include reposts from TikTok in your user-generated content plan

TikTok’s “Repost” button is a new feature with few customization options (so far! ), but you should still think of it as a tool for your user-generated content campaigns. Build relationships with influencers in your niche, collaborate with them to promote each other’s content, and reap the benefits in the form of increased brand awareness, a larger fan base, and more purchases.