Vista Social’s Step-By-Step Guide To Scheduling Instagram Carousel Posts

Finally, Vista Social now supports direct posting for Instagram carousel posts. We’re ecstatic to be one of the first systems that lets marketers publish multi-media carousel posts to Instagram in advance without needing any kind of mobile workaround (such as an awkward app) or prearranged notifications.

For What Reason Are Photo Dumps So Popular on Instagram?

The “photo dump” is the newest fad on Instagram, in which users upload a large number of photographs or videos in a carousel post. The popularity of Instagram photo dumps has skyrocketed, with over 1.4 million photos using the hashtag. Instead of a well designed post that has been thoroughly filtered and processed, a photo dump will present a sequence of unfiltered or raw content.

According to social media expert and inventor Taylor Loren, “a photo dump is basically using the Instagram carousel posts to share a slideshow of memory.” “the photo dump is meant to send a signal or vibe that it’s really casual, when in fact, it’s super curated,” the author.

The quarantine put a damper on our social lives, so there isn’t much to look at in our photo albums. Therefore, the image dump was created.

Here’s Why Instagram Carousel Posts Get More Likes Than Videos

To compete with YouTube and TikTok, Instagram has started promoting Reels and video content. You may be surprised to learn that reels may be as lengthy as 60 seconds. Unfortunately, a Reel is around seven minutes long, whereas the average attention span is only eight seconds.

With so much content available on Instagram, it’s important to make the most of the time you have with your audience. As opposed to a carousel post, a video may take longer to “get to the point” of.

However, carousel posts with video, which might consist of small clips and so take less time each video, do exceptionally well. Instagram now supports “Carousel” postings, which let you combine up to 10 media files into a single Feed update. Instagram photos that have a carousel earn 5.13 percent more likes, comments, and shares than those that just feature one image or video, according to a recent research.

The Instagram algorithm notices when people are scrolling through your carousel posts, giving your account more credibility and likeability.

Here are 3 Applications for Instagram’s Carousel Posts

1. Picture Dumping

Who says companies can’t engage in picture dumps? Brands may engage with their target market in an honest and genuine way, which increases trust in the company.

Being genuine is crucial if you want to gain the trust of your followers and expand your following naturally. Share a sequence of raw or unedited material in a carousel post rather than stuff that was chosen by a graphic designer and authorised in three meetings.

2. Advertise a Product Family

Is your company planning to introduce a new line of home furnishings? Carousel postings are a wonderful method to get people thinking creatively and shopping without leaving the app.

It’s like a collection commercial, but you don’t have to spend any money on it! A research by Netshoes found a 6.3% increase in conversions with a 42% decrease in conversion cost, therefore the method clearly works.

By showcasing related items alongside relevant material, this tactic for carousel postings increases user engagement on mobile devices. Any online store that has many images of its wares to display customers would benefit from promoting them in a carousel post.

3. Recount the History of Your Brand

Many effective digital marketing tactics use brand storytelling. Humanizing your brand and breaking down complicated concepts for your target audience may both be accomplished with this strategy. It raises the perceived value of your business, which in turn increases the likelihood that people would buy from you. Conversion rates can be increased, according to the research, if firms embrace narrative.

In Conclusion!

Brands can connect with their audience, boost engagement, and raise their profile on Instagram by using carousel posts.

As a result of photo dumps, genuine and unfiltered posts have become trendy on Instagram. You can win over your followers no matter what you post – pictures of casual Fridays, screenshots of the new feature you’re working on, or the office dog.