11 Effective Instagram Story Strategies To Increase Your Brand Growth

Instagram Stories has become more useful for marketing products and services. Instagram claims that of the marketers in the United States who are now utilising Stories, 96% want to keep doing so throughout the next six months. Comparatively, the least active 25% of brands only write approximately once a week, while the most active 25% publish roughly 17 times a month.

Want to include Instagram Stories into your marketing strategy but don’t know where to begin? Here’s a list of 19 Instagram Story concepts that may be used immediately for your business. In addition, we’ve provided a variety of Instagram Story templates that may be modified to fit your company’s particular narrative and style. With just one click, any Animoto design may be converted into a 16:9 Story video.

Share a sneak peek

Do you have a new project in the works? Use Instagram Stories to attract your audience with a preview of what’s to come. Take a look at this sample from the Album Preview document. This scenario depicts how a wedding photographer may utilise Stories to give a teaser of a wedding picture shoot. This Instagram Stories concept is great for the fashion sector, but it can be used to other fields as well.

Advertise a New Product

To boost sales, provide a story that explains why your product is great and gets people talking. Easily editable, and perfect for Instagram and Facebook Stories, is our New Product Promo template.
Third story idea: Promote an upcoming feed update by giving a sneak peek.

Are you updating your Instagram feed with fresh content? Spread the word by posting a sneak peek to your Instagram Stories. Our latest Post Teaser layout was made with your story in mind. Replace the sample text in the circle with your own, using the brand colours and a font style of your choosing.

Establish a Recurring Story Series

Create a weekly series of films that you can upload to Instagram Stories. This is a great method of ensuring that you keep up the habit of writing Stories on a regular basis.

Consistently posting stories will keep your brand in the minds of your audience. In need of inspiration? For some ideas, consider the following:

  • Feature a new client every week.
  • Exhibit a new product every week.
  • Post a weekly promotion or discount that you’re offering
  • Hold a weekly question and answer session.
  • Post a motivational quote every Monday using the hashtag #MondayMotivation.
  • Drop a weekly nugget of wisdom for #TuesdayTips.
  • Our Weekly Series layouts are adaptable. To upload to your Stories, you must first adjust the image’s aspect ratio so that it is vertical.

Recommendations as a Story Idea

If you need a brief post quickly, suggest some items or services that your readers would find useful. Use this suggested reading list article as a starting point for your own list of suggestions.

Consider making an Instagram Story video to introduce your new seasonal line of merchandise. Using our Collection Launch sample, you can see how a designer can use IG Stories to promote a new line of clothing.

Promote a freebie

Freebies are a quick and easy approach to get more people tuning in. Create a captivating advertisement to spread the news about your most recent freebie. Using our Giveaway Offer template, the video below was produced in mere seconds with a vertical aspect ratio.

Promote a Discount

Hold a one-day-only sale? Use the Graphic Story Promo to advertise it on your tales! It’s an effective method of getting people to stop what they’re doing and start swiping and buying.

Show your viewers how you operate behind the scenes. Display your studio or workshop, walk us through the production of a product, or offer us a view into the inner workings of your company.

Hold a Q&A

Seeking to pique interest? Instagram Stories is a great place to host a Q&A. Share a Story with the Question sticker to let your followers know you’ll be hosting an AMA and to solicit questions from them. After then, you can refer to future Stories to supply information requested.

Feature Your Clients

Customers will appreciate being the centre of attention, and you will see increased participation as a result. More consumers will tag you in the hopes of being featured, and those who are featured are more inclined to share your Stories with their followers.

Identify the folks you’re spotlighting by tagging them. Take a look at this sample from our pre-made Customer Call Out document.

Exhibit Your Knowledge

Share some knowledge with your listeners. Create a brief guide or listicle to share your knowledge in your field. Have no idea what to instruct? What do they think? Using questions to better understand your audience is covered in further detail further down this page.

Make headlines with a limited-time offer

Offer your Instagram followers a limited-time discount. Special deals spread a feeling of exclusivity among your audience. If you promote sales on a regular basis, you can attract new audiences.

Inspirational quotation

Brands that want to motivate their followers with Instagram Stories may do so quickly and easily by using inspirational quotes. It’s a quick solution if you don’t have time to write something more substantial before posting. In addition to health and wellness, ecommerce, and nonprofits, Animoto also provides a number of quotation templates. The below Motivational Quote template was originally created with a square aspect ratio, but was adjusted for use with Instagram Stories.