Here Are Seven Tips For Using Instagram Stories Like A Pro.

Instruct Your Audience Using Explanations and Tutorials

You may recall that I mentioned how Instagram Stories vanish after 24 hours if you’ve been paying attention.

When you publish a Story to Instagram, you have the option of include it in the “Highlights” area that appears on your profile page just below your follower count, profile photo, and bio.

To that end, Instagram Stories may be a great tool for making evergreen content that people will want to return to again and again.

Utilise Instagram Premade Templates

Need help with design but don’t have the resources to engage a full-time designer or a freelancer?

Have no fear! It’s still possible to create stunning Instagram Stories; you just have to use your brain. You can add some flair to your Instagram Stories without spending a lot of time or money thanks to the abundance of available themes.

As the word “template” implies, these premade designs may be modified to meet the specific needs of your Instagram story and your company’s preferred aesthetic.

Since there is a nearly limitless variety of Story templates to choose from, you may use a new one for each Story if you like.

Sticking to a single theme (or a few themes with comparable aesthetics) is likely to yield the best benefits from a brand recognition standpoint, though. That manner, your Stories will have a more unified appearance, making it easier for your audience to identify your work.

Get Other Websites To Link To Yours

As marketers, we must be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking in silos.

In other words, we have to make something for Instagram, so that’s what we’re doing right now.

With such tunnel vision, we risk missing out on a simple chance to integrate with other forms of advertising.

Incorporating links back to relevant material on your website is a great approach to connect the dots between your Instagram Stories and larger marketing plan.

If you can keep a visitor on your site long enough, you can get them to look at other sites and read more content. Then, you can keep visitors on your site for longer by providing helpful landing pages, accessible customer service via live chat, and quick page loads.

Spill the Beans!

As silly as it may sound, Instagram Stories is really designed with storytelling in mind.

In spite of the fact that nearly nine out of ten people can’t think of a single example of effective brand storytelling, research reveals that eight out of ten customers actively urge firms to tell tales as part of their marketing. That indicates that companies need to adjust their strategies.

Market Limited-Time Offers

If you don’t check out an Instagram Story within 24 hours (unless it gets saved to your Highlights reel), you’ll miss out forever.

This makes them an ideal medium for advertising limited-time discounts. A shared QR code or link will do the trick if it’s contextually appropriate.

Creating a sense of urgency among your audience is easy when you combine a 48-hour flash sale with steep price cuts with an announcement that will be gone in a day.

You want instant gratification, not people buying next week, next month, or next year.

Promote Voting and Testing

Instagram Stories is a built-in feature that allows users to increase their audience engagement.

Instagram Stories allow you to add polls and quizzes to your content, whereas regular Instagram posts may only request comments from your followers.

As a result, you can have more of a two-way interaction with your audience by asking them questions and receiving their responses with only a click or two.

These engaging features not only provide variety to your social media postings but also help build rapport between your brand and its followers, which in turn increases loyalty from the latter.

Promote Content From Other Feeds In Your Primary Feed

Let’s conclude up with a secret strategy for Instagram Stories.

When your material appears in the main Instagram feed, it is at the whim of Instagram’s algorithm. That’s bad news since it means most of your followers won’t see your updates (unless they click on your profile, of course).

Putting the finishing touches on a message that must reach the widest potential audience? Create a story and share it on Instagram to increase exposure.

Synthesising the Whole Thing

You may market your items and attract more viewers by using Instagram Stories, as you can see.

The fact that Stories don’t have to be of professional quality is probably its strongest feature. Instagram users are accustomed to watching raw, unpolished footage filmed on mobile devices rather than polished Hollywood productions.

That means getting started with IG Stories is simple and quick.

Try out as many different things as you can.But if it does, you have the potential to attract a lot more attention. You should share your best practises for using Instagram Stories now that you know the ropes.