Instagram Marketing: A Reel Overview

Instagram Reels is the latest craze in the world of short video games. Reels, like TikTok, offers creators a dynamic new method to amuse and communicate with their viewers. Considering the popularity of Instagram, it is wise to think about using Instagram Reels to promote your company to your followers and beyond.

What Exactly Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a tool that lets users create and share short, edited films (15 or 30 seconds in length) on the Instagram app. Videos or collections of videos edited to music and augmented with imaginative visual effects are called reels. Followers, Stories, and the Explore Feed are all ways in which users may spread their Reels.

Why Promote Your Brand with Instagram Videos?

You should include Reels into your social media approach. Already, there are more than a billion people using Instagram every day. If you’re currently publishing to Instagram, this is a great way to expand your reach to a larger audience.

If you have a public Instagram account, Instagram Reels may also help you promote to people outside of your following base. The Reels feature introduces you to folks you wouldn’t normally see in your Feed after you reach it through the Explore page (by using the magnifying glass in the main navigation).

In what ways does Reels differ from TikTok?

Reels are a newer form of technology. Launched in Brazil in 2019, it will be expanded to the United States and 50 other nations by August of 2020. Reels is Instagram’s answer to the wildly popular Tiktok, but it’s buried deeper within the app and isn’t as easy to access. Since the algorithm isn’t set in stone, viewers may see short videos posted by businesses they already follow alongside those posted by accounts they haven’t heard of before but are likely to find interesting.

Hold On, Tell Me More About IGTV’s Video!

In 2018, Instagram launched a new video feature called IGTV. It’s a huge hit on Instagram right now, but don’t confuse it with Reels. Users may upload movies up to 10 minutes in length to IGTV, making it more of a video series feature. Unlike the longer “episodes” of a brand’s IGTV channel, which attract dedicated viewers, Reels are casual video material that can be seen in a few minutes.

Final Remarks

In its first decade, Instagram has introduced several innovative features, and Reels has the potential to become just as popular. Short form videos are widely popular across all social media platforms, and IG users are conditioned to consume video content on the site. The future is bright for this new feature as long as IG makes it simpler to locate Reels, which they are contemplating adding to the main menu.

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