How 6 Companies Are Using Instagram Live For Promotion

Using live video to promote your products and services and invite users to participate in activities can be very useful. In reality, a poll conducted by Vimeo Livestream and New York Magazine found that 82% of respondents would rather watch a brand’s live video than read the brand’s social media posts.

Example: Six Brands’ Live Instagram

1.Global Resident

Non-governmental organisation Global Citizen works to eradicate global poverty by the year 2030. In an attempt to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, the company used Instagram Live earlier this year to promote their #TogetherAtHome campaign.

In order to draw in watchers, Global Citizen collaborated with a wide variety of famous people to put on a number of intimate house concerts. Listen to their joint Instagram Live performance with musician H.E.R. below.

The #TogetherAtHome movement gained traction because it enabled people to come together online despite the fact that we live in an increasingly isolated world.

Consider conducting an investigation into industry influencers to partner with and host Instagram Live takeovers for your business. Doing so will expose your company to potential customers who may be interested in learning more about it. Live remarks and messages from guests are another great way to engage with viewers and promote your company.

Finally, think about how you can make your livestreams pertinent to national or global discussions by linking Lives to current events. Taking these measures will increase exposure to your brand.

2.Bootcamp with Barry

Classes at Barry’s Bootcamp are available in locations around the globe. The business has been making good use of Instagram Live by broadcasting high-intensity exercise sessions.

As opposed to viewing a prerecorded session, participating in a live lesson can be more exciting for viewers. They can also see how many people are watching the lesson and how those people are responding in real time. The teachers also provide inspirational phrases to maintain enthusiasm.

Instagram Lives can be viewed as a means to bring people together virtually for the purpose of doing something. A wellbeing organisation may also provide live meditation classes. As long as it serves the company’s ultimate goal, any action is acceptable.

3. Chipotle

Chipotle is a Mexican fast food establishment that utilises Instagram Live to broadcast mouthwatering recipes. The chief cook of Chipotle provides instructions for making margaritas in honour of Cinco de Mayo.

Not to mention the obvious connection between Cinco de Mayo and the Mexican food featured in this Instagram Live. Chipotle took advantage of the occasion to spread both fun and useful information to its audience.

4. Happy eating!

With regards to culinary matters, Bon Appetit is a publication dedicated to the sharing of culinary knowledge and delicious dishes. In a recent Instagram Live event, Bon Appetit invited a number of celebrities to join them for a simulated meal. Each set of guests was also imaginatively given a moniker inspired by a different part of the dinner, from starter to dessert. Here’s a look at the treat menu:

Your company can benefit from remembering that Instagram Live can be casual. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. The idea of Bon Appetit’s Dinner Party is both entertaining and ingenious; consider what kinds of topics you could use in your own livestreams to achieve the same effect.

In addition, if you make a succession of Lives, people will have more of a reason to follow your account and check back for updates. Involve others in the conversation about your business by using Instagram’s guest function.

5. Chewy

Consider the programming style of Chewy, an internet vendor of pet supplies, if you favour order. Chewy’s educational material is aimed at canine owners and covers topics like feeding, grooming, and training. One such service is called “Vet to Vet Live.”

Lesson for business: Using Instagram Live to host Q&As and conversations can yield useful information for your target demographic. Members of your audience are interested in material and be more likely to remain devoted to your brand as a result. Listening to and witnessing a live discussion between multiple people can be more entertaining than watching a single person perform.

6. Origins

Cosmetics by Origins are made with all-natural components. In line with their business, Origins uses Instagram Live to talk about skincare and showcase their goods.

The two presenters also discuss their personal experiences with the goods and their opinions on them. Inspiring others to imagine how the merchandise might fit into their own lives increases the business likelihood that they will buy it.

The lesson for your company: Showing consumers what they can anticipate from your business can be done best in a live setting. If you’ve been on the fence about making a buy, this should help. In addition, customers can ask questions about the merchandise and get answers from specialists and other users. Think about what you have to give now, and set up a meeting where you can show customers how they can profit from your products in real time.

Successful Lives share a similar thread, regardless of the business sector: they offer audiences something of value, be it entertainment or information.