How To Use Instagram Hashtags To Grow Your Following?

There appear to be two camps when it comes to the topic of utilising hashtags to gain more Instagram followers. You either enthusiastically use hashtags in every one of your postings or avoid them like the plague. However, the reality remains that hashtags aid in the dissemination of your messages. According to data compiled by Simply Metrics, there is an average 12.6% increase in interaction for postings that include at least one hashtag.
Instagram was designed for the use of hashtags. Hashtags are one of the most important features of Instagram for organising and finding posts. Instagram users regularly utilise the majority of their allowed 30 hashtags in a single post, in contrast to the typical use of 1-2 hashtags on Twitter.

The ability to utilise thirty hashtags in a single post, however, is no guarantee that you actually should. Using unimportant hashtags to fill a quota is pointless. The best way to use hashtags on Instagram is to include a large number of tags that are both relevant and useful to other users. Using a lot of hashtags that have nothing to do with each other is a surefire way to get oneself shadowbanned from Instagram.

The Basics of Hashtag

Instagram posts should include up to 30 hashtags that are both relevant and searchable. You do this because you want more people to find your material.

If you share a photo of yourself relaxing on a boat while soaking in the sun, you may tag it with the appropriate hashtags, such as “#summer,” “#travel,” and “#yachting.”

If you use hashtags, Instagram will sort your post accordingly. If your post includes any of these phrases, it will appear in search results (at least, until plenty of other people also write about these topics, pushing yours farther down people’s feeds).

Hashtags and How to Use Them

One, gain more exposure by making use of trending hashtags
Many hashtags are used often, as I pointed out in 25 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags. However, the most popular tags may have too much use, making your postings invisible in the sea of others’. However, there are a lot of popular hashtags that get used fewer times every year.

Those who do a search using the hashtags you employ will find your postings.

With Instagram’s newest update, users can now choose which hashtags they want to follow, which should help spread your content even farther.
To find your target audience on social media, use narrowly-focused hashtags.

Your postings should also make use of several niche yet extremely relevant hashtags. Even though there may not be a huge audience for certain hashtags, you can be assured that the ones who do follow them will be highly engaged with your content.
Feel free to join the 446,559 individuals who have used the hashtag #hobbiton in postings related to The Lord of the Rings. Anyone interested in LOTR who comes across your posts using that hashtag is sure to enjoy them.

How to Choose the Best Hashtags for Your Tweets

It may seem excessive to use up to thirty hashtags in a single tweet. This is especially true if you’ve learned that you can’t recycle the same string of hashtags over and over again. Consistent Instagram posting necessitates amassing a sizable collection of relevant hashtags. Before you write a post, think carefully about which group would be best to receive it.

Some methods for locating applicable hashtags are as follows:

  • Make good use of Instagram’s search feature. Under the Tags section of your article, choose a term that best describes it. Thereafter, Instagram will ist a variety of hashtags. Find tags that accurately describe your topic yet aren’t so overused that they disappear immediately.
  • Use the same hashtags that the leaders in your field are using.
  • Take a look at what your rivals are posting and adopt some of their non-branded tags. However, before using the hashtags, you should check their postings to make sure they are not already being used in one of their campaigns.

Hashtags in your bio

Due to a recent update, Instagram bios now include clickable hashtags. This is a great chance to establish a unique hashtag for your business, which you can then use to generate direct links to any and all posts that use that hashtag in your bio.

This also allows you to access brand-related hashtags by clicking on them. If you work in the tourist industry, for instance, you might include relevant clickable hashtags about your city or region in your profile.

Influencer marketers might benefit greatly from this, since they could include client-specific hashtag links in their profiles.

Instagram Stories now support hashtags!

You (or your influencers) may find that Instagram Stories is a great approach to reach your audience. Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen by more people.

Hashtags used in Instagram Stories are searchable just like any other Instagram post, increasing the likelihood that your Story will be discovered.

Monitor the Reactions to Your Instagram Posts

We mentioned Instagram Insights in our post titled “4 Advantages of an Instagram Business Profile.” As a result, Instagram’s more serious users have access to more advanced data and performance information than the ordinary Instagram user.

Instagram Insights’ ability to deconstruct the value of your chosen hashtags is really helpful. You can check how many more people have seen your posts thanks to the hashtags you used.