The Definitive Resource For Instagram Contest Organization

Instagram has been active for more than a decade and is one of the most widely used social networking sites. Instagram freebies are just one strategy that many firms utilise to boost interaction on the social media platform.

Instagram freebies are a great method to build your brand and attract new customers on the platform, as they may result in a deluge of new followers. Here are some numbers that demonstrate the success of Instagram contests:

Researchers at Tailwind found that giving out free stuff on Instagram led to 70% more followers compared to not giving away free stuff.
According to additional research by Tailwind, Instagram giveaways may attract up to 3.5 times as many likes and 64 times as many comments as a standard post.

Instagram contests may be tailored to your audience in a variety of ways to boost participation in your social media platforms. This blog post will explain how to organise a giveaway on Instagram.

Here Are 6 Good Excuses To Have An Instagram Contest

Organizing an Instagram giveaway might be beneficial for a variety of reasons:

  • Giveaways are a great method to get people interested in your content and encourage them to share it, comment on it, and enjoy it. Your platform’s discoverability and audience reach can both benefit from this sort of heightened participation.
  • Boost your fan base by: Instagram giveaways are a great technique to gain more followers since the entrants are required to follow you if they want to win the prize. In this approach, you can get new fans and potential buyers. Followers on Instagram may then be monitored as they rise in number.
  • Advertise a good or service: When you obtain more Instagram followers, you may increase your product advertising. Instagram contests like this one will get the word out about your wares. You may also use this space to promote a sale on your goods if you’re participating in a giveaway as a sponsor.
  • Spread the word about your company and get your name out there by holding a giveaway. Promoting your giveaway using a trending hashtag or tag might help you reach people who aren’t already familiar with your business.
  • Insights about your customers Running a giveaway may help you learn more about your customers, their interests, and what drives them to interact with your company.
  • Instagram contests are a low-cost approach to promote your business to a huge audience.

You may reach your target audience, boost interaction, and improve your following by holding a giveaway on Instagram. Make sure you have a clear purpose and strategy before you begin your giveaway, and that you comply with all applicable rules and regulations.

5 Time-Tested Methods for Successful Instagram Contests

Instagram contests are a fun way to reward followers and expose your account to new people. To maximise the impact of your freebies, consider the following:

1. Create a pleasing appearance

Make sure the pictures you post on Instagram to promote giveaways are interesting and appealing. Users’ initial exposure to the offer will be in your Instagram image, so it’s important to pique their attention there. Carousel posts, videos, and reels are all possible on Instagram. Add a call to action to the picture you’ve created at the same time. Don’t lose out on the offer by not entering quickly enough, for instance.

2. Create a clever caption

Before you can create a winning caption for an Instagram giveaway, you must fill out all of the necessary fields. Encourage followers to enter the offer once you’ve described it and laid out the restrictions. Examining the Instagram freebies of other users is a great approach to learn how to create engaging Instagram captions.

3.Make use of a #giveaway hashtag

When you want more people to see your Instagram giveaway, one of the most important things you can do is include relevant hashtags.

4. Figure out when is ideal to make Instagram posts.

    If you want your Instagram posts to do well, you need to know when to publish. Instagram contests are included in this.

    On weekdays, the best time to start a giveaway is between 11 AM and 1 PM, or 8 PM.

    Most people will sign in on weekends between 8 PM and midnight.

    5. Make use of influencer marketing

    If you want more people to know about your giveaway, you could team up with influential people or prominent blogs. Find an influencer who already has a sizable and active following among your target customers. Make sure the influencer’s writing style, brand values, and target audience are in line with your own before forming any sort of partnership.

    • Relationship parameters: Be sure to spell out all that will be expected of the influencer in terms of remuneration, duties, and rules.
    • To raise awareness for your contest, have the influencer announce it to their audience, outlining the rules, the prize, and the announcement date.
    • Observe the outcomes: Keep tabs on the feedback you get from the influencers and see how your giveaway is doing. Make use of this data to fine-tune your future freebies and collaborations with influencers.

    Prize Time!

    Instagram contests are a great method for businesses to attract a wider audience, foster customer loyalty, and boost revenue. Brands may increase their marketing impact and their Instagram following with well-planned and executed freebies.

    Maintaining a successful Instagram giveaway plan requires constant monitoring and analysis of results, fine-tuning of approaches as needed, and awareness of industry best practises and trends. Doing so will allow you to maximise your gains and expand your platform presence and influence.