Here Are The Top 12 Instagram Accounts This Year.

Instagram has become a powerful tool for companies to promote their wares. It’s no surprise that businesses will do everything to increase their audience size on a platform where 60% of the largest brands in the world already invest marketing resources.

Instagram is really just a fashion magazine.

We must prioritise. When comparing the most popular companies across many industries, including Fashion, Cosmetics, Athleisure, and others, it becomes evident that Fashion has the largest fan base on Instagram. Considering how well fashion and Instagram get along (bonus points if you can sing along), this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. Average fashion brand followers are 35 million, with Athleisure brand followers at 21 million and Cosmetic brand followers at 15 million.

Instagram’s Most Popular Brands

Ninety million people are fans of Nike.

Nike has more than 90 million followers on Instagram, making it the most popular brand there.

This well-known name gained an incredible 87 million new fans during the past five years, an increase of 2,858% (or over 43,000 new fans every day). Nike’s consistent social media marketing efforts are a big contributor to the brand’s burgeoning Instagram following.

Brand engagement and new followers were both boosted by efforts honouring Kobe Bryant and his revolutionary contributions to sports and society (2018’s #makersofthegame) and runners who broke the 2-hour marathon barrier (2017’s #Breaking2).

68 million people are dedicated Victoria’s Secret customers.

Over the course of five years, Victoria’s Secret’s presence on Instagram has steadily increased. Since 2014, the company’s following has grown by 62 million, or 1,343%, to about 32 million people.

The company has found that sharing exclusive photographs from the backstage of their fashion shows, promotions, and new product debuts has significantly increased their engagement rates.

Huda Beauty, with 38 million fans.

With 38 million subscribers, Huda Kattan’s beauty empire is unrivalled in the cosmetics business. Huda stands out from other cosmetics companies since its namesake is Huda herself. She has been featured in commercials and cosmetic tutorials for the company.

Since its 2013 debut, Huda Beauty has had steady Instagram growth. Since 2016, the company has amassed approximately 24 million Instagram followers, or around 21,000 new likes every day.

Chanel: 36 million devoted fans

Like many other fashion companies, they use celebrity endorsements, backstage footage from events, and photos from the runway as part of their content strategy.

Gucci: 35,6 M Adherents

Gucci is a symbol of Italian quality and design. Only slightly behind Chanel in terms of total followers (35.6 million), this premium label has seen an increase of over 4 million in the past six months alone. Images and videos from the brand’s fashion shows, product launches, and celebrity endorsements are posted online in a manner reminiscent to Chanel.

Since 2014, Gucci’s fan base has steadily grown, expanding by 33 million people over the past five years, or at a rate of 17,000 new admirers every day.

Gucci has had highly successful Instagram promotions. A campaign with the hashtag #24hourace saw video artists from across the world give life to the brand’s trainers in creative ways.

Sixth, Zara, with its 34 million fans

Zara can give its customers a real delight by using Instagram as a venue for visual storytelling. Zara has 34 million followers because of its compelling photos, videos, and effective influencer marketing initiatives.

There are 33 million Louis Vuitton fans.

Louis Vuitton is an expert at using graphics to convey their fashion messages. This high-end label is killing it on Instagram with a wide variety of polished, engaging photos and videos. Louis Vuitton has won the hearts of 33.3 million people (and counting!) on social media.

Dior, with its 26.6 million devoted fans

Dior, like many other high-end brands, is doing exceptionally well on Instagram. Dior has amassed 26.6 million followers thanks in large part to the timeless advertising campaigns that have been posted on the brand’s handle.

Adidas: 24 Million Fans

Instagram users, you’re in for a treat with Adidas’s visual material. Inspiring commercials featuring prominent athletes wearing the Adidas logo have left the company’s 24 million followers eager to buy the brand’s wares.

MAC: 22 million fans, number

MAC Cosmetics’ commitment to excellence extends beyond its products to permeate the company’s approach to marketing and promotion on social media as a whole. The company does a great job of incorporating material about its people and their work into its feed. This cosmetics company dominates the Cosmetics market and has 22.3% of all Instagram followers.

Eleven. BMW – 22 million fans

With over 22 million Instagram followers, BMW has taken the lead in the automotive business. It utilises Instagram to show off its latest concept automobiles and technological advancements, generating interest in the company and queries about its newest products.

Twelve: Dolce & Gabbana, with twenty-one million devoted fans

Dolce & Gabbana’s enticing product photos and videos are dominating Instagram, with hundreds of likes, comments, and shares being generated every second. The visual narrative of the premium brand has inspired amazement and desire in the hearts of its 21.5 million followers.

Mercedes-Benz ranks 13 with 21.5 million fans.

This German automaker’s Instagram feed is consistently among the platform’s most popular. Photographers, automotive writers, and racers all contribute to the brand’s feed by sharing photos of their sleek rides from across the world. Mercedes also uses Instagram to promote creative advertising. Their #pride campaign, which featured one luxury vehicle for each colour of the rainbow, sent a powerful message of acceptance and attracted the attention of their 21.5 million followers.