A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Instagram For Business-To-Business Promotion

Instagram is a great visual marketing tool for business-to-business enterprises. It’s a fantastic strategy for increasing exposure to your product and ultimately your revenue. More than two million businesses all around the world utilise Instagram for commercial purposes.

Business decision-makers you want to target may not have personal Instagram accounts, but they are likely to be active on the platform both in their professional and personal lives.

Let’s discuss the potential benefits of Instagram for your business-to-business venture and how you may learn to use it effectively for marketing purposes. Finally, we’ll go through a case study that you may use as a guide.

As a B2B company, why should you use Instagram?

Most marketeers would want to see data before making any adjustments to their tactics. It’s encouraging to know that Instagram may help boost B2B business awareness and sales.

A large number of potential buyers are made available to you.

The number of people using social media as consumers is unprecedented. Spending so much time online isn’t simply about keeping up with friends and celebrities. Consumers may also interact with their favourite companies via social media.

In fact, more than half of customers are already following businesses on Instagram, making it the second most popular network for company followers.

The buyer’s journey is improved with visual material.

Video and still photos are seen as crucial by marketers as content mediums for achieving their objectives. One of the best ways to get your value propositions through is through material that is easy to read and understand.

You may find, however, that it favours B2C companies. They can do more with novel goods and user-generated content, after all. A closer look reveals that to be an error in thinking.

Several marketers believe that short-form video plays a crucial role in the B2B purchaser’s journey. Instagram’s video-posting, reeling, and live-streaming capabilities can drive more customers to your e-commerce site, increasing revenue. Helping companies get into coveted vendor shortlists is another benefit.

Increased brand recognition might result from using Instagram advertisements.

The vast majority of B2B marketing materials are geared on increasing brand recognition. With captivating content, advertisers on Instagram may expand their customer bases.

Instagram for Business: Strategies for Expanding Your Brand in the B2B Market

Instagram is a robust tool, but it’s simple to misuse if you don’t have a strategy.

Despite the importance of maintaining a unified corporate image, many company managers post on company pages as if they were their personal pages. It also makes potential consumers angry and hurts your brand’s reputation. The following are some pointers to assist B2B companies improve their Instagram presence and avoid the common pitfalls that plague other businesses in your industry.

Create a company profile on Instagram.

Even though it’s quite self-evident, many individuals still don’t realise that a corporate account is distinct from a personal one. Having an Instagram account for your company gives you access to a wealth of options.

Make use of curation to your advantage

Photos of actual customers are a great way to put a face to your business. The usage of solely high-quality professional visuals might give the impression that your profile is overly polished and geared towards making a sale. User-generated content (UGC) posted online is a great approach to show new and existing consumers that your current customers like and value your products and services.

Bring about openness

The public’s faith in major corporations is at an all-time low. Building trust with your target market is facilitated by being open about your business’s supply chain, culture, and procedures. By being open and honest, you may show your audience that you share their concerns.

Use one medium to advertise another

If you already have a sizable following on another social media platform, let them know about your business’s presence there. Explain the value of following you across platforms by explaining the type of material you want to share.

Your B2B company’s website or blog is a great place to showcase your Instagram photos and attract new followers.

Litmus is a fantastic case in point of B2B marketing.

The Instagram account of Litmus, an email marketing service, is used to disseminate information and insights gained by the company. When dealing with complicated topics like email deliverability and performance data, that’s easier said than done. Nonetheless, they manage to do it with the help of Instagram carousels.

They may summarise the input of both team members and outside specialists in just a few lines of text. As a result, this data strengthens the company’s standing as an industry leader while also satisfying the information needs of its fans and customers.

The lesson is that, according to socialinsider.io, carousel posts get more interaction from users than regular posts. In a nutshell, this is a huge win for B2B marketers, who can use the additional room to thoroughly examine intricate ideas without compromising on quality.


It’s challenging to establish a successful Instagram presence that builds brand awareness and expands a company’s customer base. The creators of some of Instagram’s most popular profiles can attest to the time and energy required to keep the feed updated with fresh, engaging posts.