Insta-Email Marketing: How to Integrate Both Platforms?

Instagram is a great way to expand your brand’s reach and attract new customers online.

Over 1.35 billion people utilise this visual medium, so you may be sure of getting your message out to more people.

One effective advertising method is email marketing. It’s estimated that email marketing may provide a $40 return on investment for every dollar spent. Email is a great tool for reminding clients of the benefits they receive from working with your company.

Which marketing medium should you choose for your company?

Which is it? When used in tandem, Instagram and email marketing may significantly boost any campaign’s effectiveness. Thus, without further ado, here are five tried-and-true Instagram methods for email marketing.

Get in touch with Instagram Fans by Requesting Their Emails

Insta can help you build your email list. Just include a call-to-action in your Instagram bio to encourage users to sign up for your mailing list. The bio is one of the first places people will look, therefore that’s where you should put the link to the sign-up form.
A sign-up form for the newsletter is the first item that will appear when a regular user clicks the link.

If you want to include more than one link in your Instagram bio but are limited to just one, you may utilise a third-party service like Linktree or

Keep in mind that while requesting email addresses, you should explain to your target audience why you are doing it and assure them that their information will not be shared with any third parties. To make potential customers feel comfortable providing their email addresses and other information, a link to your privacy policy should be included on the sign-up form.

It’s important to routinely check your list’s email addresses to make sure they’re correct and still in use as it expands. When your email list is in good shape, you know your messages will get through to the people you intend them for.

Filter Email Lists According to Instagram Activity

Instagram may be used to compile the information you need to divide up your email list. Consider that for a moment. It’s probable (emphasis on “likely”) that the folks who follow you on Instagram are also on your email list. To that end, you may utilise the information you glean about your Instagram followers to better organise your mailing list. Using Instagram in email marketing is a smart move.

So why is it crucial to divide up email lists in this way? With list segmentation, you may send relevant messages to specific subsets of your audience.

Due to Instagram’s privacy settings, you can only view a small amount of information about your followers; thus, it’s best to infer their interests based on their actions within Instagram. With the data in Instagram Insights, you may divide up your email list in more useful ways.

To see your Instagram analytics, simply select “Insights” from your profile’s drop-down menu. Your email marketing efforts can benefit from the information displayed here.

Segment your email list based on the goods or themes that are creating the greatest interest (in terms of likes, comments, and shares). Also, have a look at the medium in which people like to consume material.

Some of your Instagram followers may prefer videos over regular postings. Some readers might not enjoy infographics as much as they do long-form articles. It might help you figure out what information to include in your emails.

With Instagram Insights, you may find out where most of your followers are from and what gender they mostly are. See an example of how it appears on Instagram in the image above.

These statistics represent the Instagram audience that has shown interest in your posts. This information may be used to tailor your email content to certain countries, such as the United States, Australia, India, and so on.


Using both email and Instagram to promote one another is another tried-and-true tactic from our list of Instagram email marketing recommendations. That’s right; you’ll be copying and pasting little portions of your emails into your Instagram postings, and vice versa.

You can get a lot done if you adopt this approach. Your email list members may follow you on Instagram and interact with you there as they choose by commenting or sending direct messages. Moreover, Instagram users may sign up for your newsletter to receive additional brand details.
Instagram postings using a reel or carousel may also be used to pique readers’ interest in the information contained in the accompanying email.
Instagram also supports email sharing of photos and videos.
This is a fantastic method for gaining new Instagram followers as well as promoting your existing content.

Promote Instagram giveaways and discounts through email and vice versa

Being the first to know about specials and new information is highly prized. To your benefit, please use this.

You may increase your email list by hosting a contest or giveaway on Instagram and announcing it to your current list of subscribers.
Depending on your product or service, even a simple photo or hashtag contest can help spread the word. If you want to run a successful contest or give-away, you must first establish clear rules. Instagram users can also be notified of special deals through email.

Some other limited-time promotions you may promote on Instagram to attract email subscribers are listed below.

With individualised email courses, you may educate your subscribers on any topic you choose. For example, you could send out a series of emails to your mailing list intended to teach them something useful.
Recent developments in the sector, including advice about how businesses and marketers should adapt to these shifts. Furthermore, you may keep your readers up-to-date by revealing recent facts and statistics.
To further encourage potential subscribers, you might provide an incentive. This may come in the form of a price cut, a freebie, or something else of similar value.