How To Feature Your TikTok Videos On The ‘For You’ Page

The creators’ aim on social media is to explore their brand name among wider audiences. And TikTok is becoming the right platform to make their content viral. But how is this possible? The magic happens on the ‘For You’ page of TikTok. 

Though some creators gain virality either by chance or luck, there are some strategies to go viral on TikTok. Here are the possible ways to increase your exposure by getting on to the For You page. 

Are you ready to get into the For You page? Let’s have a look!

What Is the ‘For You’ Page?

When you open your TikTok application, the first page that appears is the ‘For You page’. It displays the videos provided by the TikTok algorithm from your non-followers. But, the videos will definitely entertain you because those videos match your interest.

When your video gets on to the ‘For You page’, more people engage with your content, thus increasing your popularity. Therefore it is the same as Instagram’s explore page. But how to get on to the For you page? Here are some exciting tips!

How To Get Into FYP?

Viewing the content on the FYP is a great success for creators on TikTok. The below guide provides tips to explore your content on FYP. 

# Make High-Quality Videos

There is no scope for TikTok videos with poor quality because there will be no patience for audiences to watch low-quality videos. Creating high-quality and catchy videos grabs the attention of your target audiences, which in turn increases the chance to display on the FYP.

# Prepare Short Videos

While users on TikTok scroll down plenty of videos over time, capturing their attention in the first few seconds is necessary. So, create a short and engaging video to understand how to get TikTok views and increase the chance of viewing your content on the ‘For You page. Gain the audience’s attention within three seconds of your video to boost your TikTok views.

# Add Trending Audio To Your Content

Music is the main component of making your videos popular on TikTok. When you add the correct and trending music to your video, it helps the TikTok algorithm to rank your videos on the For You page. Watch the FYP regularly to find the trending audios relevant to your content and use them to get your videos noticed.

# Provide Engaging Captions

Writing an engaging caption grabs your audience’s attention and drives greater engagement. The captions are vital on all social media platforms, including TikTok. Your TikTok video with attractive captions, hashtags, and trending audio takes your content to land on the FYP for your target audiences.

# Use The Correct Hashtags

Hashtags take your video to the next level by gaining maximum exposure among audiences. The right hashtags act as a powerful tool for your target audiences to identify and engage with your videos. When the video engagement goes higher, there are greater chances to display your video on the For You page.

Some of the common hashtags to be used in all your videos are #fyp and #foryoupage to consider your videos.

# Create Engagement With Other Users

A consistent engagement on your TikTok videos boosts your video visibility among other target audiences. You will get great exposure for your account when you show the brand presence by regularly engaging with other TikTok users. The greater engagement on your account makes a higher chance to feature your TikTok videos on the FYP. Respond to your audience’s comments to grab more audience attention.

Find Success On TikTok

Getting your videos on the For You page is not easy. Increase your engagement rate on your TikTok videos to gain audience attention, creating a chance to get on to the FYP. The enhancing tips in this article could help you succeed on TikTok and ensure to feature on the FYP.