How To Enhance Conversion Rate On Instagram?

Selfies, brunch, and pet pictures aren’t the only things people share on Instagram. This widely used social networking site has the potential to increase revenue for your company. In fact, 74% of millennials, 63% of Gen Xers, and 54% of baby boomers claimed they had made a purchase based on Instagram, according to a poll of 2,000 Instagram users by Dana Rebecca Designs.
However, if you own an online store, simply posting a picture of your wares on Instagram won’t bring in the cash. If you want more people to buy your goods, how can you make better posts? Here are some easy ways to boost your Instagram sales and become a viral sensation.

Make a company profile

You’re leaving a lot of potential conversion boosts on the table by not converting your personal Instagram account to a business account. You get features made for selling in addition to measuring your results and learning more about your followers and the types of content they prefer. If you run a business account on Instagram, you may include a link to your story so that users can “swipe up” and make a purchase.

The “swipe up” function of Instagram Stories is used by Standard Wines to direct customers to the company’s online store.

Brandwatch reports that between 15% and 25% of viewers of Stories tap the “See More” button to learn more about the company and interact with it online. That’s a lot of people you could be luring in with this interesting and useful function. Keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with the feature; therefore, it may be necessary to remind readers to swipe up to purchase on occasion.

Integrate a URL into your bio

You need an eye-catching image, a caption that will resonate with your target demographic, and a call to action to get people to engage with your post. Tell consumers where to go and what to do next on Instagram if you want to boost conversions rather than expecting them to figure it out on their own.

If you have a business account on Instagram, you can only include links in your stories, but it doesn’t mean you can’t include a call to action in your posts. Make sure that your Instagram bio contains a link to your website, and encourage users to visit your site in your posts.

Put Instagram Live to use

Using Instagram Live is a fantastic tactic to increase revenue. You may utilise Instagram Live to demonstrate your product in motion, rather than just publishing a static image of it.

To promote its wares, Sephora broadcasts live on Instagram. It provides real-time product demos, putting customers’ minds at ease and encouraging them to click “Add to Cart” so they can get their hands on the goods.
Connecting with your audience and potential buyers is easy with Instagram Live. Users can interact with your brand in real time by leaving comments and inquiries. Users’ propensity to buy from you increases the deeper the emotional investment they have in your brand.

Conduct retargeting campaigns on Instagram

Many companies are missing out on sales they could have made from customers who viewed their website but did not make a purchase. Instagram retargeting allows you to “follow” individuals that abandoned you and offer them customised adverts on Instagram in an effort to entice them to return.

Instagram retargeting has two purposes: it helps consumers remember your brand and it lets you target very targeted adverts to very particular users at very exact times. If a customer visits your website, browses the shoe area, and then leaves without purchasing, retargeting can track that user to Instagram and display an ad for your shoes there. Customers who start to leave your site or their shopping carts will be prompted to come back and finish their purchases.

Disseminate works created by your users

Making connections with popular Instagram users is a great strategy for generating more leads. However, if you want a social proof technique to increase sales that doesn’t cost you a dime but is just as powerful, consider distributing user-generated material.
Secret Wood is a handmade jewellery company that frequently shares images of their satisfied clients wearing their jewellery.
Instagram users who were initially interested in your goods but on the fence about making a purchase may change their minds after seeing photographs of happy customers using and enjoying your product. Bonus: Customers will appreciate the recognition you give them for being featured on your Instagram account.

Now that you know how to make your Instagram posts convert, you’ll find that Instagram is your new go-to for closing deals. Stop procrastinating and start using Instagram to turn casual visitors into dedicated fans and buyers.