Content Strategies To Increase Website Ranking

You conducted the necessary keyword analysis, created a blog post archive, and enhanced pre-existing web pages. However, visitors to your website remain static.

Doopoll is a competitive online survey platform that protects users’ anonymity. Doopoll was aware of the competition in an already crowded sector when it made the decision to put resources into content marketing. SurveyMonkey and JotForm, two industry giants, dominated the first page of Google results.

1. Do not be afraid to write on the most obvious of subjects.

Keep this line in mind as you begin to build your content strategy: “You are an expert on this topic, and you need to embrace that.”

Some of your readers may have trouble understanding concepts that seem obvious to you. Your viewers are seeking solutions to an issue, and they’ve turned to Google to do it. 

And it’s up to you to decide if you want to make money off of those people who are doing a search.

Marc acknowledges that he initially didn’t see the need to include some blog entries in his content plan. Some of his topics, like “how to create an online poll,” may have appeared too elementary for his audience, but that is precisely what they were Googling. The organisation saw a 20% increase in conversions after developing a single landing page detailing the online survey creation process.

2. Produce Content of Ultimate-Guide Length 

Long-form, high-quality material receives greater rankings from Google’s algorithm, while short, spammy articles receive lower rankings. Therefore, it is crucial to produce a number of in-depth, comprehensive guides.

These tower parts are multi-functional. To begin with, it produces a high-quality piece that will (ideally) be linked to by other articles on the web. Second, you can use it as a reliable reference when linking to this article from other articles. Last but not least, it strengthens trustworthiness to increase conversions such email list subscriptions, file downloads, and attendance at events. 

3. Bring Timeless Material Up to Date 

The dilemma content marketers have when assigning blog themes is whether to make the post timely or timeless.

Marc contends that one need not choose between the two options. Instead, you should create a content marketing plan that makes use of both evergreen content and information that is timely. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Marc used this tactic on many occasions, providing startups and small enterprises with fresh ideas for employee engagement. 

We always think about the evergreen vs. current argument when coming up with a content strategy for our clients. However, we agree with Marc that you may make the most of both situations. In 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic altered consumer priorities, we accomplished a lot of this for our Growth Machine clients.

An online booze retailer is one of our clients. As a result, we developed material with a focus on lounging at home, such as guides to cleaning up wine spills and preparing meals with booze.

4. Long-tail keyword optimisation 

Marc anticipated facing stiff competition from well-established firms when he decided to ramp up his organic search efforts. He sought organic traffic by using longer queries with less competition rather than short, competitive keywords (such “online survey” or “anonymous survey”). 

Marc devised an approach to writing that centres on 7-word keyword phrases. Since there was less competition for these long-tail keywords, Doopoll was able to gradually move up to the first and second pages of Google. 

5. Put a premium on link-building

It’s usually a good idea to reference your own work. The greatest strategy to increase your Google position and click-through rate, however, is to get backlinks from authoritative external sources

At the outset of the pandemic, Doopoll conducted an online survey that ultimately attracted more than 400 thousand participants. Over 160 external links were created as a result of this survey’s inclusion in reports and publications. Doopoll’s popularity suddenly increased. Instead of months, they now just needed a few weeks to rise to the top of Google for a specific search. 

The first step in building a strong backlink profile is, of course, producing excellent content. 

6. Invest in Professional SEO Services from an Experienced Firm 

It takes time and work to develop a solid digital marketing plan, whether you’re launching a brand new website or celebrating your fifth year in company. The Yoast WordPress plugin and meta descriptions are just the beginning of a successful search engine optimisation campaign. 

Growth Machine helps businesses increase their inbound traffic by as much as 487% in a single year through direct, hands-on assistance. We assist clients in increasing their organic traffic by conducting relevant research, creating interesting content, constructing high-quality links, and capitalising on a variety of other ranking variables. 

An Effective Content Strategy is Necessary for Google Rankings.

Your website will not magically appear on the first page of Google if you are just getting started online or if you are just starting to invest in content marketing. Creating a successful SEO plan requires dedication, commitment, and a deep understanding of the Google Search Console.

We suggest targeting long-tail keywords with less competition if your website is not ranking highly. We also think it’s important to find a middle ground between creating material that will always be relevant and engaging your audience with timely topics. Finally, we tell our customers that they should prioritise generating high-quality content that other websites will link to in order to build a backlink profile.