How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm In 2022 [Solved]

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If you have done any research on building a successful Instagram marketing strategy, you will come across the word “Instagram Algorithm.” Like the Facebook algorithm, Instagram algorithm helps to decide the post that appears at the top of a user’s Instagram feeds. If you want your content to get in front of your target audience, you need to understand how the Instagram algorithm works. 

In this post, we’ll share the ins and outs of the algorithm ranking, an important recent update that you need to know to increase your content visibility and reach on Instagram. Understanding the Instagram algorithm is essential to build a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

What Is Instagram Algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that ranks your content on the platform. It decides the type of content to show on all user’s feeds, reels feeds, explore and hashtag pages.

The Instagram algorithm analyzes every piece of content posted to the platform. It takes captions, meta data, alt text in images, hashtags, and account engagement metrics. Based on this information, the Instagram algorithm distributes content to ensure that users have easy access to see what they are more interested in. 

The Instagram algorithm cross-checks information about posts, stories, and reels with data about users’ behaviour and interest to serve the relevant content to the right users. 

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

When a user opens the Instagram app, the algorithm instantly works through all available content and selects the right content to serve them. Here are the top three Instagram algorithm ranking factors for 2022. 


It shows the bond between the content creator and the viewers following each other. Do you have a habit of leaving a message or a comment on Instagram? Then it is good to gain more audience attention. If you repeatedly interact with a specific user, you will be most likely to see new content they post. Building relationships via DMs on Instagram is essential for businesses to improve your brand visibility by clearing customer queries on Instagram. 

Interest :

The Instagram algorithm recognizes that users enjoy a specific topic or content. They serve them more videos related to their interest.


It helps Instagram to find the content relevant to your interest. On Instagram, newer posts are considered as relevant as older ones. 

Instagram Algorithm For Reels

With the Instagram reels, the algorithm pulls content from both following accounts and non-following accounts showing up the reels video similar to the one you have engaged before.

Why does reel engagement matter on Instagram? Reels are one of the best Instagram features, and many users love creating and watching reels. Knowing how the Instagram reels algorithm work and optimising content can display your post to more users and improve video engagement. Also you can boost your content visibility faster when you buy Instagram reels views for your videos, enhancing your profile growth. Having a high number of reels views will improve interaction for your content and make your profile appear more active. 

Here are the ranking factors that the Instagram algorithm looks out for.

Your Activity

The Instagram algorithm considers the previous reels you liked, commented, shared, and recently saved. It helps the algorithm decide the content relevant to your interest.  

Your Interaction History

The algorithm checks if you engaged with posted reels in the past. If you have, you will be most likely to see some reels again and again in your feeds. 

Information about the Reel

The algorithm tries to find what the reel is about based on the video’s popularity, soundtrack, and pixels.

Information about the poster:

If the poster has an engaged audience and often gets more likes and shares, the algorithm thinks it is more engaging and shows more engaged reels on the user’s feed.


Tracking and monitoring your analytics is the best way to stand unique in the huge platform. Using the algorithm, understand what works and what doesn’t work for business. No matter which type of content you create, come up with creative and informative ideas to attract a new audience to your profile and boost your business reach. 

How To Audit Your Website Backlinks Using Majestic Tool

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If you want to improve your website performance, regular tracking of your website is necessary. As backlinks play a major part in improving your online presence, analyze and monitor the links for getting brand popularity. 

But what are the ways to track your backlink activity? There are various tools available to check and monitor your backlink performance. Some of the interesting tools are Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, Majestic tool, etc. Among them, the Majestic tool remains the best tool designed only to analyze your website backlinks.

What Is Majestic SEO?

The majestic tool is generally known as Majestic SEO and allows you to gain the complete backlink analysis of your site and your competitor’s site. The Majestic tool provides an advantage to create the best link-building campaign in 2022, thus gaining a higher ranking on SERP for your website.

The majestic tool continues to be the best backlink tool with lots of SEO advantages to your website. While all the SEO tools contain strengths and weaknesses, let us see your link-building efforts for your website on using the Majestic tool.

Now, the below guide offers you the features of Majestic SEO.

Advantage Of Using Majestic SEO Tool

The majestic tool provides the highly relevant data of your backlink that any other SEO tool will not provide.

  • Get the indexing database of your backlink since 2011.
  • The report includes the trust flow and citation flow of the website that denotes the number of quality backlinks.
  • It contains the chrome extension.
  • The majestic tool is a private network that provides a clear ranking factor.

How Does The Majestic Tool Work?

The use of Majestic tools is quite easy. First, you need to sign up for your Majestic account either for free or paid. The free sign-in helps to know only about the basic working of your Majestic account. The tool is easy to use, and the installation process is also simple. 

The majestic tool also provides an option to link with other tools like Google Search Console. To gain the benefits of an SEO tool, you will need to verify your domain. 

Features Of Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO contains various features that help to improve your website performance. Are you ready to take part in growing your website with the Majestic tool? Know the SEO features in the below guide.

1. Site Explorer

Get access to site explorer by typing your website URL on the search bar. After hitting the search icon, get the result of your website’s backlink data. There are two metrics where you have to concentrate.

  • Trust flow
  • Citation flow

Trust flow metric helps to detect the trustworthiness of your page based on the proximity links to authoritative sites. Whereas, the citation flow provides the forecasts of the authority to your URL based on the quality and quantity of the site.

2. Bulk Backlink Checker

If you are using a different tool to get backlinks from your competitor’s site, you can gain all those features in the Majestic SEO tool. With those reports, you can gain the performance of backlinks and streamline your backlink research with this single tool.

3. Compare Different Domains

Gain the opportunity to analyze backlinks from multiple sites through the Majestic SEO tool. Compare your competitor site and know the site from where they buy backlinks cheap that helps to match with your site. 

Also, get the history of backlinks, flow metrics, etc., from your site and the competitors to rebuild the backlinks for your site.

4. Keyword Checker

Find the best keyword suitable for your website with the Majestic tool. If you want to find new keywords and analyze the existing keyword, tap on the keyword checker to gain those metrics. 

The keyword checker in the Majestic tool provides you an opportunity to find the quality keywords along with the search volume. Choosing the higher search volume keyword increases the difficulty of rank. So a medium search volume keyword boosts your visibility on the search results.


Majestic SEO is a great tool to analyze backlink quality and quantity in your website to increase performance. Though Majestic SEO is not an all-in-one tool, it remains the best tool in analyzing your website backlinks.

The above points help you to access your backlink analysis and win the competitions.

8 Easy Ideas To Gain Visibility On IGTV


Many individuals, big brands, and startups are using Instagram along with its many excellent features. One such recent feature is IGTV, which helps to publish long-form videos. Instagram is a growing social media platform, so brands and startups love to grow their business by posting videos on IGTV. They prefer IGTV because it is used by millions of people globally. Using IGTV effectively will lead to more business clients and customers. Let us discuss a few ways to gain more visibility on IGTV.

Use Hashtags 

Use hashtags for every video under the description. Hashtags are used and followed by many users, so the views of a video will be high if you use the same hashtags. Reach and views will go up because non-followers of your account can watch your video if they follow particular hashtags that you used in the video.

Find The Best Time To Post

IGTV users are worldwide, so the time differs from country to country. It would be best if you decided which country people you’re going to target. Analyze people’s happy hours and post videos at that time. Some videos may have only fewer views and so the reach will be very less. It would be ideal to buy Instagram views for IGTV videos especially the ones that you posted when you just started your channel. Now, these videos will start gaining traction and will work to contribute to increasing overall IGTV engagement.

Post Excellent Content

The audience will respond well if you post videos with good content. Create content for your targeted audience. For example, if you are posting sports videos, you need to target people interested in sports, entertainment content for movie buffs, and food-related content for people who love to eat. Content decides the time duration of a video. Product description videos need a bit longer video. But sports news should be crisp and to the point.

Reach Target Audience

After deciding which content to post, the next step is to find and reach your target audience. Everyone may watch your video, but only a potential audience could become your client or a customer. Targeting the right set of audience is highly important to become famous on IGTV and get huge audiences to watch your videos regularly.

Post Regularly 

You need to post videos at regular intervals of time to maximize your video views. The videos you post should be rich in quality to engage a large audience. Lack of quality in the content may not help you attain audience attention. For example, Posting a new product launch video that is unclear and lacks good quality in technical and content aspects would resist your audience from paying attention.

Partner With Creators

It is easy to earn more credibility on IGTV  by collaborating with other popular creators. When you join hands with creators, chances are high that your videos could reach a very large audience. 

Cross Platform Promotion

Apart from Instagram, use other social media platforms for promotion to increase your IGTV views. For example, popular social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, are powerful social media platforms that have more users. Try to promote your IGTV videos here to get more views.

Build Rapport With Your Audience

Create a good relationship with your audience by replying to their comments and messages by interacting with them in live streams. These acts will hold a healthy bond with your audience.

Interacting with people will significantly help you get your viewers’ reviews, suggestions, and ideas.


Though there are millions of users on IGTV, you need to follow the best practices to get more user engagement, reach, and views. Also, it would help if you work according to Instagram’s algorithm to help you achieve your goal. Those, as mentioned earlier are not hacks or tricks but efficient ways to gain reach on IGTV.

How To Feature Your TikTok Videos On The ‘For You’ Page


The creators’ aim on social media is to explore their brand name among wider audiences. And TikTok is becoming the right platform to make their content viral. But how is this possible? The magic happens on the ‘For You’ page of TikTok. 

Though some creators gain virality either by chance or luck, there are some strategies to go viral on TikTok. Here are the possible ways to increase your exposure by getting on to the For You page. 

Are you ready to get into the For You page? Let’s have a look!

What Is the ‘For You’ Page?

When you open your TikTok application, the first page that appears is the ‘For You page’. It displays the videos provided by the TikTok algorithm from your non-followers. But, the videos will definitely entertain you because those videos match your interest.

When your video gets on to the ‘For You page’, more people engage with your content, thus increasing your popularity. Therefore it is the same as Instagram’s explore page. But how to get on to the For you page? Here are some exciting tips!

How To Get Into FYP?

Viewing the content on the FYP is a great success for creators on TikTok. The below guide provides tips to explore your content on FYP. 

# Make High-Quality Videos

There is no scope for TikTok videos with poor quality because there will be no patience for audiences to watch low-quality videos. Creating high-quality and catchy videos grabs the attention of your target audiences, which in turn increases the chance to display on the FYP.

# Prepare Short Videos

While users on TikTok scroll down plenty of videos over time, capturing their attention in the first few seconds is necessary. So, create a short and engaging video to understand how to get TikTok views and increase the chance of viewing your content on the ‘For You page. Gain the audience’s attention within three seconds of your video to boost your TikTok views.

# Add Trending Audio To Your Content

Music is the main component of making your videos popular on TikTok. When you add the correct and trending music to your video, it helps the TikTok algorithm to rank your videos on the For You page. Watch the FYP regularly to find the trending audios relevant to your content and use them to get your videos noticed.

# Provide Engaging Captions

Writing an engaging caption grabs your audience’s attention and drives greater engagement. The captions are vital on all social media platforms, including TikTok. Your TikTok video with attractive captions, hashtags, and trending audio takes your content to land on the FYP for your target audiences.

# Use The Correct Hashtags

Hashtags take your video to the next level by gaining maximum exposure among audiences. The right hashtags act as a powerful tool for your target audiences to identify and engage with your videos. When the video engagement goes higher, there are greater chances to display your video on the For You page.

Some of the common hashtags to be used in all your videos are #fyp and #foryoupage to consider your videos.

# Create Engagement With Other Users

A consistent engagement on your TikTok videos boosts your video visibility among other target audiences. You will get great exposure for your account when you show the brand presence by regularly engaging with other TikTok users. The greater engagement on your account makes a higher chance to feature your TikTok videos on the FYP. Respond to your audience’s comments to grab more audience attention.

Find Success On TikTok

Getting your videos on the For You page is not easy. Increase your engagement rate on your TikTok videos to gain audience attention, creating a chance to get on to the FYP. The enhancing tips in this article could help you succeed on TikTok and ensure to feature on the FYP.