How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm In 2022 [Solved]

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If you have done any research on building a successful Instagram marketing strategy, you will come across the word “Instagram Algorithm.” Like the Facebook algorithm, Instagram algorithm helps to decide the post that appears at the top of a user’s Instagram feeds. If you want your content to get in front of your target audience, you need to understand how the Instagram algorithm works. 

In this post, we’ll share the ins and outs of the algorithm ranking, an important recent update that you need to know to increase your content visibility and reach on Instagram. Understanding the Instagram algorithm is essential to build a winning Instagram marketing strategy.

What Is Instagram Algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that ranks your content on the platform. It decides the type of content to show on all user’s feeds, reels feeds, explore and hashtag pages.

The Instagram algorithm analyzes every piece of content posted to the platform. It takes captions, meta data, alt text in images, hashtags, and account engagement metrics. Based on this information, the Instagram algorithm distributes content to ensure that users have easy access to see what they are more interested in. 

The Instagram algorithm cross-checks information about posts, stories, and reels with data about users’ behaviour and interest to serve the relevant content to the right users. 

How Does Instagram Algorithm Work?

When a user opens the Instagram app, the algorithm instantly works through all available content and selects the right content to serve them. Here are the top three Instagram algorithm ranking factors for 2022. 


It shows the bond between the content creator and the viewers following each other. Do you have a habit of leaving a message or a comment on Instagram? Then it is good to gain more audience attention. If you repeatedly interact with a specific user, you will be most likely to see new content they post. Building relationships via DMs on Instagram is essential for businesses to improve your brand visibility by clearing customer queries on Instagram. 

Interest :

The Instagram algorithm recognizes that users enjoy a specific topic or content. They serve them more videos related to their interest.


It helps Instagram to find the content relevant to your interest. On Instagram, newer posts are considered as relevant as older ones. 

Instagram Algorithm For Reels

With the Instagram reels, the algorithm pulls content from both following accounts and non-following accounts showing up the reels video similar to the one you have engaged before.

Why does reel engagement matter on Instagram? Reels are one of the best Instagram features, and many users love creating and watching reels. Knowing how the Instagram reels algorithm work and optimising content can display your post to more users and improve video engagement. Also you can boost your content visibility faster when you buy Instagram reels views for your videos, enhancing your profile growth. Having a high number of reels views will improve interaction for your content and make your profile appear more active. 

Here are the ranking factors that the Instagram algorithm looks out for.

Your Activity

The Instagram algorithm considers the previous reels you liked, commented, shared, and recently saved. It helps the algorithm decide the content relevant to your interest.  

Your Interaction History

The algorithm checks if you engaged with posted reels in the past. If you have, you will be most likely to see some reels again and again in your feeds. 

Information about the Reel

The algorithm tries to find what the reel is about based on the video’s popularity, soundtrack, and pixels.

Information about the poster:

If the poster has an engaged audience and often gets more likes and shares, the algorithm thinks it is more engaging and shows more engaged reels on the user’s feed.


Tracking and monitoring your analytics is the best way to stand unique in the huge platform. Using the algorithm, understand what works and what doesn’t work for business. No matter which type of content you create, come up with creative and informative ideas to attract a new audience to your profile and boost your business reach.