8 Easy Ideas To Gain Visibility On IGTV

Many individuals, big brands, and startups are using Instagram along with its many excellent features. One such recent feature is IGTV, which helps to publish long-form videos. Instagram is a growing social media platform, so brands and startups love to grow their business by posting videos on IGTV. They prefer IGTV because it is used by millions of people globally. Using IGTV effectively will lead to more business clients and customers. Let us discuss a few ways to gain more visibility on IGTV.

Use Hashtags 

Use hashtags for every video under the description. Hashtags are used and followed by many users, so the views of a video will be high if you use the same hashtags. Reach and views will go up because non-followers of your account can watch your video if they follow particular hashtags that you used in the video.

Find The Best Time To Post

IGTV users are worldwide, so the time differs from country to country. It would be best if you decided which country people you’re going to target. Analyze people’s happy hours and post videos at that time. Some videos may have only fewer views and so the reach will be very less. It would be ideal to buy Instagram views for IGTV videos especially the ones that you posted when you just started your channel. Now, these videos will start gaining traction and will work to contribute to increasing overall IGTV engagement.

Post Excellent Content

The audience will respond well if you post videos with good content. Create content for your targeted audience. For example, if you are posting sports videos, you need to target people interested in sports, entertainment content for movie buffs, and food-related content for people who love to eat. Content decides the time duration of a video. Product description videos need a bit longer video. But sports news should be crisp and to the point.

Reach Target Audience

After deciding which content to post, the next step is to find and reach your target audience. Everyone may watch your video, but only a potential audience could become your client or a customer. Targeting the right set of audience is highly important to become famous on IGTV and get huge audiences to watch your videos regularly.

Post Regularly 

You need to post videos at regular intervals of time to maximize your video views. The videos you post should be rich in quality to engage a large audience. Lack of quality in the content may not help you attain audience attention. For example, Posting a new product launch video that is unclear and lacks good quality in technical and content aspects would resist your audience from paying attention.

Partner With Creators

It is easy to earn more credibility on IGTV  by collaborating with other popular creators. When you join hands with creators, chances are high that your videos could reach a very large audience. 

Cross Platform Promotion

Apart from Instagram, use other social media platforms for promotion to increase your IGTV views. For example, popular social media like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter, are powerful social media platforms that have more users. Try to promote your IGTV videos here to get more views.

Build Rapport With Your Audience

Create a good relationship with your audience by replying to their comments and messages by interacting with them in live streams. These acts will hold a healthy bond with your audience.

Interacting with people will significantly help you get your viewers’ reviews, suggestions, and ideas.


Though there are millions of users on IGTV, you need to follow the best practices to get more user engagement, reach, and views. Also, it would help if you work according to Instagram’s algorithm to help you achieve your goal. Those, as mentioned earlier are not hacks or tricks but efficient ways to gain reach on IGTV.